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Why this Academy is your best resource

We understand you are busy. Our learning materials are designed to be efficient and effective. Unlike colleges and bootcamps you learn at your own pace.

We understand self-contained materials stop distractions. The learning materials are organized in a way that you don't need to wander around.

If there is a prerequisite needed, it is included in your learning path for free. Unlike others we do not try to sell you some basic knowledge.

We don't fool people by promising access to a network of corporate partners. The reality is that what bootcamps promise is never fulfilled. The fact is that nobody can find you a job except you. We supply resources on how to approach the job market.

Unlike colleges and bootcamps we believe education is a right and it has to be affordable. You don't have to pay an arm and leg to learn.

Our learning materials are designed based on real world examples. We do not waste your time with school examples. You are smart, you deserve much more than that.

We are changing how people learn future professional skills. The future world is about technology, data, and automation.

One may find some learning materials from different sources on internet. However, it's extremely inefficient to use materials which are not carefully structured, and are not prepared by professionals.